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Double Pattern Leopard & Strips

Handmade and handwoven Scarves .. each piece is unique in its own design, fabric, colors. Made from the finest silk and wool, woven by the hands of the talented experts.. Look at the details and enjoy!

Peach Solid with a Twist!

We're always in need for solid scarves, but THIS one is different for sure! Solid all the way with a beautiful design on the borders. This scarf can be worn all year long and still make you look as elegant as ever! Fabric: not stretchy, not slippery.
$14.00 $22.00

Patterned Chiffon Hijab Print Peach

A Beautiful pattern, soft and cooling for those warm days. Not transparent and no need to iron! Really Cool! Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban! Why not wear it with our ninja underscarf for a more relaxed look; no need to worry about slipping or sheerness :) * underscarf sold seperately
$6.99 $15.00

Kuwaiti Pale Blush Jersey Hijab

Introducing our New Kuwaiti Cotton Jersey Hijabs and wraps in beautiful neutral and basic colors, and such an amazing fabric! Another staple neutral : Pale Peachy Blush (Imagine the elegance just in the color), let's add this jersey fabric and voila! An everyday neutral color to enhance your skintone and also to wear it whereverrr! These hijabs are popular for their softness & elegance. The have a subtle shine to them, and their edges are hemmed. Kuwaiti jersey hijabs can be worn for work, outings, and really for your everyday wear!
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