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Basic Ivory Chiffon Hijab

Introducing our NEW neutral shades in chiffon hijabs. These neutral shades will enhance the beauty of any skintone and you can wear them to match basically most of your outfits! Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe, and these are perfect for your everyday. Available in several shades with extra softness, lightness and just the right length and width.. we guess this will be your grab and go wrap!

Berry Floral Rayon Hijab

Berry hues and an elegant floral print hijab make it one of your good options for work and casual chic outings! Opaque with minimal ironing needed.. isn't that nice! A soft print on a cream-colored based background with flowers here and there blooming in pale pink and blue.. Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban!
$15.00 $18.00
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Black & Beige Floral Scarf - Large

Beautiful floral scarf, black flowers on a light beige background. Why not wear it on a black dress and a pink or teal solid jacket, wouldn't that be nice?!
$7.99 $18.00
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Black & Beige Print Scarf - Large

Beautiful black and beige print scarf, this combination of shades is essential in your wardrobe. You can wear it with matching colors, or on a solid bright color.
$7.99 $18.00

Blush Cool & Light Hijab

Introducing our New Solid Hijabs and wraps in beautiful neutral and basic colors, and such an amazing fabric! A cooling feeling with this hijab and the shade of neutral blush that we basically all need to complete a look and enhance our skin tones! They're so soft and light that you will ask yourself why you didn't get them before! Perfect for the warm and hot weather, plus their edges are hemmed. Our solid hijabs can be worn for work, outings, and really for your everyday wear! *** Colors may slightly vary***

Chiffon with a Pleasant Twist Hijab...

Looking for a hijab that is unique for your special occasions? Let me tell you: We all need this one! High Multi Chiffon bordered with ahh so classy and chic florals, a perfect twist to your everyday chiffon! Formal, but practical.. Elegant, but not overdone.. Check it out and enjoy, this is a perfect Eid Hijab, a wedding hijab, a graduation hijab.. you name it!
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