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Cooling Patterned Pink & Blue Strip...

A Beautiful patterned hijab, soft and cooling for those warm days. Not transparent with minimal ironing! Really Cool ! Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban!
€7.10 €12.64

Multi-Colored Patterns - Maxi

Looking for a cool fresh look? Something that can be worn throughout the day? This design has it all.. stripes and shapes with beautiful combination of blue, red, beige and a hint of watermelon & purple! The print, the colors, and the length of this scarf give you yet more and more options to use it with your solid tops and keep refreshing your look each time you wear it! ** These scarves can be worn by folding them in half, horizontally for a rectangle wrap,vertically for a square one or even as a turban.. really versatile! *** Fabric: not stretchy, not slippery. Minimal Ironing needed! **** Matches nicely with beige, blue, red, brown or white undercaps. Undercap sold separately.
€6.31 €12.64

Navy Blue Maxi Jersey Shawl

A must have in your wardrobe! Once you try, you won’t let go of it! Extra width and length for extra comfort around the day.. Great option for ladies who want to have extra coverage for the bust area, and also for nursing moms :)
€12.64 €14.22
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