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Shades of Plum Hijab

Soft and drapey patterned hijab & a beautiful design with comfort in mind! If you're looking for a scarf that you can wear on a daily basis, then you're on the right page! Very versatile and can be worn whichever way you like, even as a Turban! Beautiful color combination of plum shades that work well with most skin tones!
$9.99 $18.00

Classic Polka Dots Rayon Hijab

This polka dots print should be a staple in any wardrobe! It's classic, chic and very practical.. Black & White will match basically most solids in your wardrobe - also a perfect classic polished look for your work. This rayon hijab is smooth, opaque and wraps easily.
$12.00 $16.00

Everyday Fresh Textured Rayon Hijab

Why we love textured rayon hijabs? Simply because they're SO practical that you can wear them on a daily basis! Textured for a better grip, opaque and with a fresh print. easy to wrap whichever way you like, machine washable, air dry or tumble low heat - repeat! A durable fabric that you can wear as often as you like :) Striped with Aqua, Blue, Coral and White.. A Modern Look that we all love in our hijabs! * Works nicely with White, off white, Aqua, Blue or Beige caps.
$9.99 $18.00

Leopard Print Chiffon Hijab

A beautiful hijab to freshen up your wardrobe. Neutral colors patterned beautifully and soft textured chiffon hijab .. A hijab that you can wear for work and also for your everyday occasions. For those who are looking for a basic elegant chiffon hijab, this is for YOU!

Floral Paisley Patterned Rayon Hij...

A Beautiful floral & Paisley printed hijab that can be worn for work, casual chic outings and basically everyday! Not transparent with minimal ironing needed.. isn't that nice! Black based background sprinkled with florets and Paisley blooming in beige, plum, blue and some olive green here and there. A color combination that matches many outfits for sure. Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban!
$7.99 $14.00
Out of stock

For the Love of Teal! Chiffon Hijab...

Yes, we guess we all LOVE Teal! And This chiffon hijab is tailored with that love in mind :) A floral hijab rich in teal, combined beautifully with White, Grey and Black is the hijab for your work and everyday needs. The fabric is smooth yet holds better than regular chiffon, and the white space give you more options to wrap the hijab scarf whichever way you like. It's kinda of a new classic; so chic and very practical..
$10.00 $16.00

Navy Grey Leopard Print Chiffon Hij...

Never outdated, these leopard prints are an all-time favorite for a reason. This chiffon hijab is just the right choice for a professional look with a must-have colors of Navy, Grey, Soft White. A semi-textured chiffon hijab .. A hijab that you can wear for work and also for your everyday occasions. Try it with our Ninja undercaps for a more relaxed look!

A Floral Meadow Patterned Jersey Hi...

Introducing our NEW collection of patterned cotton jersey hijabs. Delicate & Chic! This is an everyday printed jersey hijab that combines simplicity and freshness for your daily needs A meadow of light colors make the perfect blend for an everyday summer hijab, runnning your errands and enjoying looking fresh while your at it! An elegant print with the comfort of jersey (Our jersey that is!) .. Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe.. Breathable, soft, and just the right length and width..
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