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Magenta Comfy Chic Cotton Jersey Hi...

Once you try our Comfy Chic Cotton Jersey Hijab wraps, they will become part of your essentials!! Wide array of colors, extra Spandex, and just the right length and width.. we guess this will be your grab and go wrap!

Pink Maxi Jersey Shawl

A must have in your wardrobe! Once you try, you won’t let go of it! Extra width and length for extra comfort around the day.. Great option for ladies who want to have extra coverage for the bust area, and also for nursing moms :)
€12.64 €14.22
1 in stock

Multi colored Scarf

One of our favorite scarves for its diverse colors and prints. This scarf would give you the subtle modern look.
€7.90 €15.80

Patterned Jersey Hijab - Soft & Co...

A beautiful design with comfort in mind! If you're looking for a patterned jersey hijab that you can wear on a daily basis, then you're on the right page! The design and colors of this patterned hijab are perfect for work and everyday needs and it is just so soft to the touch and drapes beautifully too. ** The fabric is similar to the popular material known in the Arab world as "Zibde feel", the texture is cooling, the cotton in these types of jersey feels less than the regular cotton jersey hijabs.
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