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Magenta Comfy Chic Cotton Jersey Hi...

Once you try our Comfy Chic Cotton Jersey Hijab wraps, they will become part of your essentials!! Wide array of colors, extra Spandex, and just the right length and width.. we guess this will be your grab and go wrap!

Pink Maxi Jersey Shawl

A must have in your wardrobe! Once you try, you won’t let go of it! Extra width and length for extra comfort around the day.. Great option for ladies who want to have extra coverage for the bust area, and also for nursing moms :)
$16.00 $18.00
1 in stock

Multi colored Scarf

One of our favorite scarves for its diverse colors and prints. This scarf would give you the subtle modern look.
$7.99 $18.00

Hot Pink - Simple Cotton Jersey Hij...

A simple cotton hijab for running errands and especially perfect for young ladies and school girls. Easy to wrap, wash and repeat! *Caps sold separately
$10.00 $12.00

Shine Like No Other Patterned Jerse...

Introducing our NEW collection of patterned cotton jersey hijabs. An accent of its own! Top your clothes with the a pop of color of this soft printed jersey hijab. A mood booster and a skin-tone enhancer! It works perfectly for runnning your everyday errands and to show it off when you hang out with your friends :) The color combination of Plum, Hot Pink, Black and Soft White compliments most skin tone and Ah, so many tops. An elegant print with the comfort of jersey (Our jersey that is!) .. Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe.. Breathable, soft, and just the right length and width..
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